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Awards & Appearances

1997 Videon - Interview on Lances and Lasers
1996 MTN news - Interview - Inbetween Worlds
Lecture - Heaven Art & books - Painting & Dreams
1995 Artist Guest - SFRA Conference - Grand Forks
1994 Aurora Award - Artistic achievement in Canadian SF art
1993 Artist Guest of Honour - Northern Prairie Convention - Regina
1990 Artist Guest of Honour - Noncon SF Convention - Edmonton
1989 Artist Guest of Honour - Keycon SF Convention - Winnipeg CTV, Todays World - Interview
1987 CTV, Todays World - Interview
1986 Videon - Alternative Rock Stand - Interview

Reviews & Articles("R" Denotes Review, "A"- Article, "M"- Mention)

A   Uptown, May 31,2001 - Cover story, What's In a Name, METANOMACIES
MA Edmonton Journal, June 30,2000 - E14 - The Zine Scene
MR Uptown, Jan 21,1999- pg.6 - Main/Access Showcases Diverse Talent
MA Winnipeg Free Press, Sept 5,1998- pg.B6 - Gateway To Space
MR Winnipeg Free Press, July 18,1998- pg.B11 - Rogues Gallery
MR Winnipeg Free Press, Dec 7'96- pg.B4 - Gallery Celebrats Decade
A   Winnipig Sun, Aug 16'96- pg.21 - Brush With Greatness
A   Wpg Fr PR, Community Review(SW), July17'96 pg3 - Artists Popularity Growing
R   Winnipeg Free Press, July6'96 pgB6 - Pasternaks Fantasic Style Unfolds
MA Artword, Fall95 pg8 - The Pressing of Flesh
R   Zygote, Sum95 pg43 - Book Review - Everlasting Breath
A   The Paper, Apr95 pg14 - Every Breath He Makes
A   Uptown, Apr95 pg9 - Keys To The Cosmos, cover story
A   Zygote, Spr94 pg 12 - Straight From The Hands
A   Friction, Sum/Win92 pg12,13 - Ascending The Mind Escape
A   Winnipeg Free Press, Mar18'92 pgC34 - Works Gain in Recognition
A   Uptown, Mar92 pg6 - Artists Ascending, cover story
A   Mega (Russia) Jun91 pg49-52 - Relation Of Pasternak?
R   Winnipeg Free Press, Mar25'89 pg27 - Holy Crow
A   Renters News, Jan89 pg56,57 - Blending Reality & Fantasy
A   Western Report, Sept12'88 - Amazing Stories
A   Amazing Stories, Nov88 pg88-91 - On Exhibit
A   Winnipeg Sun, Aug28'88 pgS5 - Fame In The Stars
R   Comics F/X Review, Aug88 - Comic review - Holy Crow
MR Winnipeg Free Press, Oct87 - The Box Project
MR Winnipeg Free Press, Jun29'85 - Indivisuals