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The infinity symbol (fig 1) represents many things to various cultures. Because there are two main sections to it, I find myself linking it to a world made up of dualities that are ever present in our physical mind and the symetry of our bi-lateral bodies.

But for me it mostly represents the past and future of our infinite and the continual loop back and forth between these two realms. We either spend our time in the past wondering what we could've, would've or should've done, or we speculate on the with our savings and plans and goals in life. But...

fig 1. Infinity

When I link this symbol to the representation of the past and future, I realize there is something missing. In the middle of this infinity symbol is the convergence of the past and future ... the present. It is pretty minimal. This is where we don't spend enough time in our loop. This symbol is an archetypal reflection of our state of mind in an old world matter of being that will in retrospect seem 2-dimensional in comparison to where we are headed. So....I propose to add a new symbol (fig 2) into our consciousness. A new symbol that will reflect and help form part of a new understanding that I feel is lacking in the world and our minds. I am expanding on that convergence point between the past and future...the now. Spend time in the present. Be here now.

fig 2. Trifinity

sonic temple
soul ascension
passage temple

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