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Intimacies - small paintings -8 x 12 to 16 x 22 inches/20 x 30 to 40 x 56 cm

All of these works are created with no preconceived notion of what I will paint or what it will look like except that it will relate to the human body. They start off very quickly, filling the area with broad shapes using conventional brushes and a semi random choice of colors. I will then divide the image with an axis line down the center, then further intersect the painting with curved lines mostly in a way reminiscent of automatic writing or painting of the surrealists.

Reflections - large paintings - 4 x 6 to 9 x 8 feet/122 x182 to 274 x 244 cm

After a few years of creating the smaller works, I felt a huge desire and need to explore the reflection of my actual body - paintings that would reflect aspects of the various layers of my body in a human life-size scale. I started an exercise in what I call bilateral symetry. Here, I took a sheet of 8 x 9 feet black paper and laid it on the ground. I put a white crayon in each hand and knelt in the middle of the paper. With my eyes closed, I would feel and sense a movement of lines on my eyelids. While kneeling or lying down and in various combinations, I would draw these lines, still with my eyes closed, with both arms symetrically. I would then mark the points of my belly button and nose for the placement of my body and then look to see what has arose. I then find the place of my body within the lines and add a few more lines, while embellishing with color and form. The result so far has been Bilateral Symetry Sketch #1,2,3 and my first painted effort called Adam.

The geometric and diagramatc paintings come from the planning of smaller doodles and sketches.

bilateral symetry sketch no. 1 - grounding
bilateral symetry sketch no. 2 - self portrait
bilateral symetry sketch no. 3 - male/female

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