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Robert Pasternak , Fine Artist

Conceived: April 1963
Born:December 28 1963 (Winnipeg)


Robert Pasternak (Nak) is one of Canada's most prolific and original visionary artists. He has strong roots in both Realism and Surealism and could be described as a metaphysicist. His Meta Figure paintings reveal glimpses of the hidden aspects or vibrations of the Human Being, showing the inner life in favour of the mundane, outer shell. Our bodies, he believes, are only the simplest and coarsest aspect of our Being. Our preoccupation with the outer shell leaves us with the illusion of our separateness from each other and the Cosmos.

"My work is a continual exploration into the fantastic corners of the collective consciousness, the inner light of the soul and the illustrative boundaries of our etherial body.

"I work from one area of vision to another, creating visually opposite works from one day to the next, building up several series of works through time.

"My goals are to unveil connections between disparate patterns and symbols found in nature to the fantastical notions derrived from my psyche, intuition and the divine."


Early on Robert found an affinity with artists such as Roger Dean, Frank Frazetta, Jim Steranko, Salvidor Dali and M.C. Escher. Later he discovered Geogia O'Keefe, Lawren Harris, Ivan Eyre and the visionary figurative work of De Es, Robert Venosa, Michel Henricot and Alex Grey. Music was also a source of ideas and inspiration, beginning with Jean Micheal Jarre and leading to composers like Steve Riech.

On later reflection, Nak began to realise that his influences also came from a broader base than the obvious cultural sources or his parents. His formative years in the '60s would no doubt be influenced by phycedelic movement and the usual advertising that we are all exposed to. He gained glimpses of the hidden world that lies beyond logic and science. Could he be influenced by the life he had before this one? Resonances hidden deep within the psyche-primal memories of the Cosmic Sleep. When one has a heightened sensitivity the world may indeed become a larger place.


Inspiration does not seem to be lacking in Nak's life, as his prolific career gives evidence. He is open to the world on many levels finding joy in apples and insects, sacred geometry, the human body, flowers, Christ, grids, curves, suns and galaxies. He inspires us with the light and beauty of his Art.


As an artist and a person, Robert is self-taught. He studies at the "Institute of Osmosis",absorbing knowledge and wisdom, insights and inspiration directly from his surroundings. His aproach to learning is broad, including reading,experimentation,quiet observation and a healthy work-ethic. He seems to be ever on the verge of discovering great Truths. Like most of us, the mysteries of the Cosmos remain just beyond his grasp, but the paintings he creates act as a beacon on the path.

1980-1985 Painting - Nick Bjelejac, Forum Art Institute 1985 Figure Drawing - Richard Brown, Winnipeg Art Gallery StudioProgram 1988 Paper Sculpture- Jack Butler, Forum Art Institute 1988-1990 Screen Printing- Jan Bonning , Omni Screen


Robert has worked in many fields that have contributed to his artistic training. He has worked as a production artist, designing for the garment industry, incuding logo and crest designs and color separations for screen-printing. He was the art director for Zygote magazine for two years. He worked as a digital colorist for a multimedia firm. He continues to work as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and fine artist, working on commissioned paintings as well as his own ideas.

Robert's art has graced the covers of many books, including authors Timothy Findley, Guy Vanderhaeghe , Phyllis Gotlieb and Robert Enright. In addition he is a recurring cover artist for such publications as On Spec. He has designed CD jackets , business cards, comics, posters and an amazing variety of multimedia booklets and curiosities.