i  d  e  a  s


I have asked over a hundred people to tell me 3 basic shapes. Without exception, everyone has said circle, square, and triangle in that order

If we relate these shapes to the number of sides they have and line them up sequentially, we see that the 2-sided shape is not even in our thoughts? What is it? Where did it go?

This 2-sided shape is perhaps the most important in all the universe. It is a birth shape, a portala and a body shape. It is the missing link in our evolutionary consciousness.

Mind     Body     Spirit

We also happen to say mind, body and spirit in this order. So now, if we relate mind with a circle and spirit with a triangle, subconsciously we are relating square with our body. No wonder we are all messed up.

We should be relating the body with the 2-sided shape.

vesica a 2-sided shape